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New Retail + New Platform◎ Lim Kim Heng
Published Date:2/10/2020
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As the ancient Chinese saying goes: the self-disciplined is wise, the wise is capable; the capable is brave, and the brave ought to be benevolent.

The story of Lim Kim Heng, the Founder and Managing Director of Senheng Electric (KL) Sdn. Bhd. and his team is a true inspiration to many entrepreneurs and businesses.

With the six transformations over the years, Lim and his team have grown to embrace the concept of win-win. Hence, many of the company’s transformation and reengineering work not only benefited itself and its customers, but also its business partners as well.

Lim’s story is inspirational. From a business perspective, it is enlightening. Leading such a huge team with hard work and business wisdom, Lim is undoubtedly a great example to fellow entrepreneurs.

Author Introduction

Lim Kim Heng(Senheng Managing Director)

Lim established Senheng in 1989 as a consumer electrical appliances retail shop. Like any other retail shops, he started small with less than RM30,000 in stock inventory, and only managed to rent half a storefront in the beginning. However, time has proven that Lim is unlike any other mediocre businessman. He continued to grow the business, expanding its territory from half a shop to more than 100 branches across Malaysia, with sales exceeding RM1.2 billion in 2018. Today, Senheng is one of the largest electrical appliances chain stores in Malaysia.

Lim introduced a number of strategic initiatives during his tenure, focusing on ‘being different’ :

-Launched a fixed price policy and revamped the corporate identity of Senheng in 2002;

-Implemented a two-way brand management strategy. The senQ digital station was established as a result of brand extension, targeting different market segments;

-Initiated the paperless business process and business automation movement;

-Implemented the Seamless Business Model, combining the company’s online platforms and offline stores for better customer shopping experience;

Lim actively promotes the “Senheng vision”, strengthening the team spirit. He strives to build a stronger brand and promotes the continuous growth of the enterprise, contributing to the country.

In recent years, Senheng has swept eight SOBA Awards, including the Malaysia Business of the Year Award and a personal win for Lim who was crowned as Entrepreneur of the Year in 2018..


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