Trailblazing Change: The Rise of A Malaysia Futureshiter


Book Name: Trailblazing Change: The Rise of A Malaysia Futureshiter
Published Date: 2019

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Lawrence is the Founding President of Pertubuhan Perintis Malaysia (MyPerintis) under the active patronage of YAB Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad, the Prime Minister of Malaysia, and also Patron, MySchool of Life as well as the Group Advisor to CSP Global Technologies Sdn Bhd and Tadika Lestari Sdn Bhd.

As an established young entrepreneur, he is devoted to champion the cause of Malaysian youths vis-à-vis bridging the divide among them through an educational focus (knowledge acquiring).

He has extensive experience in the field of starting and managing a national level youth empowerment body, learning and education as well as training and innovation. These achievements have honed his leadership skills, sharpened his business acumen and analytical skills, among others.

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How Lawrence’s rebellious childhood was tamed by education and eventually dive into the world of entrepreneurship in his 20s only to taste the success for a while before ending up in millions of debts. Read more on what has sparked a fire in our Founding Chairman to run a youth-driven NGO and of course, how Tun became our beloved Patron since day one.


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